My First Full Animation

2013-12-20 21:46:11 by ManimeInfinite


I thought the many hours I poured into  studying the human figure and animating would translate "The Calculatron" into an instant hit but I guess I was wrong. Rest assured, I'm already working on a script for an unrelated project -voiced by yours truly. I wanted to create a series that someone could pause at any given frame and be amazed by it's beauty - a goal that I have proudly acheived. 

I would like to thank everyone who scored giving me essential feedback, without fear of your reprisal I would have no motivation to work.  

Here's a list of my strengths and weaknesses based off of the 3 reviews of "The Calculatron"

Strengths: Animation, Character Design

Weaknesses: Backgrounds, lack of script, lack of clothes, lack of weaknesses

If you haven't already, please take the time to review the animation, I read and respond to every critique I get. 





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