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Another screenshot

2014-01-14 22:36:26 by ManimeInfinite

proof that im still alive


Villan Design

2014-01-07 02:41:22 by ManimeInfinite

Character design for the villan in my next animation -- any feedback?3811527_138908047473_antagonigst.png

I guess I have followers now

2013-12-27 04:55:51 by ManimeInfinite


So I was looking into creating an intro for my work, I had to go back in time to my older animations and I really liked the first portion of this one: which I will probably remaster with shading to be an "intro" to all of my animations for 2014


I also realized that I have alot of files that I've never shared with the world. So as a thank you for supporting me here they are:

(I always wanted to create a black superhero, he is fighting his foil, but they're not really evil probably just friends training or preparing for something bigger -- but I never really worked out a plot..... In a parallel universe I did not cap this and it would be on the front page instead of "The Calculatron"

(magnum opus) 


"I use to tween the movement of funds, cameras, and something that I consider unimportant, the use of Tween is for people who do not know how animated frame by frame, the difference between these two styles, for me, is like the distance between earth and sun. I can make a movie of 20 min with tweens, or 2 min frame by frame."

If I had never read this quote my work would be fundementally inferior. Rip sweet prince Hulalaoo... 


!!Front Page!!

2013-12-24 18:19:09 by ManimeInfinite

3811527_138792717162_screenshot4.pngStill cant beleive I made it onto the front page, especially on a traffic heavy week like Christmas (Merry christmas everyone) I really wasn't expecting this because the first couple of reviews were a bit condescending and the animation score slowly dwindled to a low 3. You could give me a nobel peace prize, all the presents in the world, and a boat filled with elite prostitutes and I would still consider this honor the greatest present I have ever received in my mortal life. 

As promised here is a screenshot, I'm trying to make the walk cycle more realistic as opposed to the choppy animation in my previous video. I'm going for a simpler, cleaner, more polished, and 10 times more manly product this time.  (Even if it means I have to trace cars because I cant draw a background to save my life)

This one will be a mix of good animation and story telling, I will continue to post updates to document my own progress and to keep me from getting sidetracked. Let's Go!!!! (If anyone is reading this please review my latest movie, I need feedback) Thanks everyone!! 3811527_138778109412_wasabi.png

Bobo and Captain Wasabi

2013-12-21 00:47:54 by ManimeInfinite

Heres some early character design for my next animation, What do you think? (It's a story about a man who escapes torture after being saved by his partner (who happens to be a monkey) and than the two face battle against their reptilian captors.)


My First Full Animation

2013-12-20 21:46:11 by ManimeInfinite


I thought the many hours I poured into  studying the human figure and animating would translate "The Calculatron" into an instant hit but I guess I was wrong. Rest assured, I'm already working on a script for an unrelated project -voiced by yours truly. I wanted to create a series that someone could pause at any given frame and be amazed by it's beauty - a goal that I have proudly acheived. 

I would like to thank everyone who scored giving me essential feedback, without fear of your reprisal I would have no motivation to work.  

Here's a list of my strengths and weaknesses based off of the 3 reviews of "The Calculatron"

Strengths: Animation, Character Design

Weaknesses: Backgrounds, lack of script, lack of clothes, lack of weaknesses

If you haven't already, please take the time to review the animation, I read and respond to every critique I get. 




I slacked off the shading but compare it to my other pics and there is definitely improvement



2013-10-21 21:28:41 by ManimeInfinite

Another screenshot

70% completion.


How about a screenshot?

2013-06-14 23:21:00 by ManimeInfinite

Here's another screenshot from The Calculatron After I submit this one I will create more story driven animations with the help of my Blue Yeti, I just need to get a 1 on 1 fight out of my blood.

How about a screenshot?